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Relying on Idealegnodesign’s experience means having the certainty of qualified advice and a masterful service. We’ll be by your side at all times, from measuring the space to the final assembly.


The measurement of the space is part of an ancient wisdom and is essential for the correct execution of custom-made furniture. The spaces in which we live are an integral part of our life: the choice of the spatial distribution defines the image of our home or commercial space.
Idealegnodesign follows you in every phase of the process, starting from the measurement survey which requires expert knowledge and meticulous attention right down to the smallest detail and millimetre.


The design consists in collecting data relating to the customer’s vision to structure the project in a concrete, realistic and detailed way. Idealegnodesign interprets your needs in order to create a unique, understandable, personalised project with attention to the smallest details.

To offer you peace of mind and security on the final result, we create 3D renderings for you. CAD design is constantly evolving and thanks to it we are able to give life to our customers’ wishes.


Research is a study activity which aims to extend and deepen the knowledge of materials with the aim of finding specific technical solutions for each project. The choice of materials is very important; over the last few decades the contemporary market has produced all kinds of solutions to personalise indoor environments.

Idealegnodesign accompanies you in the choice which best suits your needs and functionality, using high-quality materials which guarantee a low environmental impact and respect for health. We make our business contacts and partnerships available to provide a complete service. With us you have the guarantee of the best professionals in the carpentry, glassware, upholstery, lighting, painting, marble, electrical, plumbing and digital graphic printing sector.


The creation of custom-made furnishings is the phase in which the project comes to life and begins to materialise piece by piece, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our specialised craftspeople.
In the final phase of production, Idealegnodesign carries out a pre-installation for each job in its laboratory with an accurate quality control in which any integrations with electrical/mechanical parts and other materials are developed in order to involve the customer before the final assembly.


Packaging is essential to guarantee to the customer that the product arrives at its destination intact.
Idealegnodesign is able to provide not only the standard packaging service but also customised packaging based on the request and the product: epal, wooden crates and wooden crates with iron reinforcements. Our service allows us to ship to Italy, Europe and abroad.


Assembly is the final operation through which the different constructive elements of a structure are placed in such a way as to form a single functioning complex. Thanks to the professionalism and availability of our specialised artisans, this final phase is also carried out following your requests and needs, without neglecting attention to detail.


  • Customer assistance
  • Restoration
  • Consulting
  • Site management
  • Exhibition stands

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