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About Us


Our origins

“Idealegnodesign was born from the union of three words.

  • Idea, from the Greek ἰδέα “drawing of the mind” ”
  • Wood (legno), like the timeless material, the plant tissue
  • Design, what makes an art form unique and precious

These are the three concepts which have come together to create a new and exclusive result: Idealegnodesign.

«Passion and curiosity which drive innovation».

Dan Brown

A history, a tradition, a passion

Idealegnodesign is an artisan excellence of reference at the national level for tailor-made furnishing solutions. We support the customer at every stage, from the conception, design, construction to assembly for indoor and outdoor spaces, for individuals and companies.
Our story began in 1993 from our passion for wood processing and transformation and continues to this day, inspired by a continuous desire for innovation. The strength of our company lies in the perfect harmony which is created between design, engineering, technology and manual skill.
The values which guide our daily commitment to the customer:

Originality and craftsmanship

Our products represent the meeting between new forms and high-quality materials. The solutions we offer are unique in their kind, impossible to replicate, durable over time and aesthetically unmatched.

Wide selection and customisation

We are driven by the desire to continuously improve our products and, at the same time, to offer a wide choice of tailor-made solutions for the customer.

Full service

Our attention is aimed at satisfying the customer from the inspection and measuring stage to the design, consultancy and technical assistance stages up to the construction and assembly of the finished product.

Expertise and experience

Each element is processed and installed with our utmost competence for the sector and experience gained over the years, to create refined and exclusive environments through high-quality choices.

«What some folks call impossible, is just stuff they haven’t seen before. »

Chris Nielsen

What can we do for you?

We specialise in solutions for:

Custom bar furnishings

Custom furniture for shops

Custom office furnishings

Production of exhibition stands

Custom living room furniture

Custom kitchen furnishings

Custom bathroom furnishings

Custom bedroom furnishings

Custom under-stair furnishings

Custom bookcases

Custom tables

«The mastery lies in the selection of the best, the new and the useful».

The Idealegnodesign team

Are you interested in our services and want to request more information?

We’re always happy to help you

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